Camborne Charity walk started in 2014. The idea springs from a charity walk I used to take part in back in Hemel Hempstead, when I was much younger than I am today.  The annual Chairmans (or Mayors) charity walk used to attract several hundred walkers from accross the town, who would be sponsored for the mayors charity or for their own charity.

In exactly the same spirit, I established this sponsored walk in 2014.  It’s take a few years to get momentum, but last year around 100 walkers took part (including support crews and parents of younger sponsored walkers). In spite of low numbers of participants the event has raised over£5000 for local charities in it’s first four years. Luckily the weather on each occasion has been fantastic (2017 exception) and the Great Flat Lode is a beautiful place to share with friends and to enjoy a picnic.

My aim is for an annual event that regularly attracts 200 walkers riasing £5000 per year for local charities.

The registration fee covers expenses and in the first three years made a donation to the Camborne Community Centre. In 2017 the fees were also shared by charities nominated by the Mayors of Camborne and Redruth.

Graham Winter